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We create clean, functional websites with creative design.


Impactful website designs to best represent your organization or business


**Please note this timeline is based on a average of 3-7 page website. Turnaround times may vary depending on more or less pages.



Submit Deposit + Sign project service agreement  

Website Content shared Google Doc sent to client.

Fill out and input Website Content into shared Google Doc, submit branding elements, imagery, photos, etc. This should be completed within 2 weeks of submitting deposit.

Review and organize content.  If any content is missing, we will send an email with a list of missing content.  

Submit any missing/incomplete content within 3 business days to ensure we stay on schedule. 

After DGS has received ALL  content, sit back and relax for 3-4 weeks while the website is designed

We begin outlining, drafting and organizing site design. This is a non collaborative stage as we do not show our process or progress. 

Continue to design site, add business information, style colors, fonts, add branding, select and optimize images. Implement custom codes, work on any third party integrations, and upload eCommerce products. 


WEEK 1-2

WEEK 2-3

WEEK 3-4

First draft of website sent for review 

Feedback Round 1 provided within 3 business days

Feedback applied to website and resent for review. 

Feedback Round 2 provided within 3 business days 

Feedback applied to website and resent for review. 

Sign-off of final design or purchase additional refinement rounds. 

Run through final site checks for links, styling, various screen aliments, and functionality.

Complete SEO, Google Registration, and Mobile Optimization

Domain is connected to website, ready for launch 

Submit final Invoice Balance   

Launch live website upon client request

Schedule 1 Hour training session

for editing or accessing site features, i.e. Email marketing,

blog, invoicing, etc. 

Not interested in self maintence,

no worries!

Web Support plans available at

WEEK 4-5

WEEK 5-6

WEEK 6-7

WEEK 7-8

Let's Chat About Your New Website

Thank you for your interest in our services, we want to discuss your new website project with us. Please select a time and day that works best for you. We look forward to working with you to create the website that truly reflects your business or Organization.

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